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Menno Spaan

The Hague Management Consulting
Menno Spaan is a public administration expert from the Netherlands who specialises in organisation change. He helps public organisations set up their innovation process, advises top executives on innovation issues, and is an internationally sought-after guest speaker on public leadership.

The Hague Management Consulting

The Hague Management Consulting advises and trains top government managers to bring about innovation. We lead change management projects for the innovation of public organisations, help to invest in innovation-friendly ecosystems, measure the innovation capacity of teams and set up the monitoring of innovations.

We aim to bring a fresh stream of change to shape the government of the future. In some of our projects we operate in the spotlight, while in others we work underground, going against the current if we have to.


Some of our projects concerning innovation of public organisations:

The Dutch Secretary-Generals

A session held at the official residence of the Dutch prime minister for the Secretary-Generals on innovation in public organisations. We discussed the nature of innovation, the need to innovate and the way innovation comes about.

Tender Quay Wall Renovation, Municipality of Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam is faced with the task of having to renovate 200 kilometres of quay wall to keep the canals intact. Extensive renovation in a crowded city, together with the time pressure, is proving to be a challenge. We advised a consortium of contractors and engineers on incorporating new innovations, such as measuring the water quality, generating wave energy, using data to optimise traffic flow and operate bridges, and ecological applications.

Dutch Senior Civil Service

Advising the top 100 government managers on the application of the 4F Innovation Model by Menno Spaan: identifying the stages of innovation, guiding the innovations through these stages, knowing what strategies to apply and understanding what this means for their own leadership.

"Interactive, captivating and inspiring" - participant

"I have learned how important it is to know the stages of innovation. Each stage requires certain actions and a way of involving stakeholders to make an innovation successful" - participant

Central Library of Rotterdam

A multi-year project to help make the organisation more flexible: analysing the necessary changes, making adjustments to the organisational structure, and coaching the director, middle managers and several project groups.

Municipality of Nijkerk

Guiding the organisation to a new, innovative way of working. There are now 28 self-directed work teams managed only by the municipal secretary.

University of Twente

Contributing to masterclasses as part of the executive master programme Public Management, in which students learned how to structurally embed innovation in an organisation.

"Innovation has become more manageable for me." - participant

"The masterclass focuses on tapping into your own strength and innovation capacity, which really helps to put the theory into practice." - participant

Province of South Holland

Advising the regional government on developing a digitalisation strategy in close consultation with those involved.

Several Dutch Municipalities

Bringing about innovative administration in cooperation between the local council, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the administrative organisation. Innovations included: exploring new forms of municipal council meetings, involving local residents, institutions and organisations in the development of policy, facilitating cooperation, and coaching mayors and aldermen.

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